Important Notice

This important notice only pertains to non-menthol Juicy Jay’s® papers sold or consumed within the USA Juicy Jay’s® papers were previously sold for both tobacco and legal smoking herb use*. However at this time we have ceased selling non-menthol Juicy Jay’s® papers for tobacco usage until further notice. We have recently taken extraordinary steps to ensure that Juicy Jay’s® papers are now only sold only for use with legal smoking herbs. While this will stymie the sales of Juicy Jay’s®, we believe we have no choice but to refrain from allowing the product to be used with tobacco due to statements made by the FDA. Believe me, we don’t enjoy losing sales but it is better to sell “some” then “none”. While we at HBI disagree with the FDA and are reserving all of our rights to continue to challenge the FDA, we have, for the time being, made this decision. HBI is also known as Herbal Bar Industries. Flavored papers have always been of particular interest to us and our customers because some stronger tasting herbs (such as Passion Flower) are very harsh to smoke. Flavored papers, without actually flavoring the herbs, lend a mellowing effect to those strong tasting herbs and make them more enjoyable to smoke. Thus we began selling flavored papers pre-packaged with our own house blends of legal smoking herbs (Buddha’s Blend, Tribe, Sativah, Demonilia, Prozesmoke, Lover’s Blend, and Bulldog) as well as selling flavored papers in bulk 24 ct boxes for consumers to be able to purchase for use with their own legal smoking herbal blends. We hope to obtain a ruling that will allow flavored papers to once again be used with tobacco. However until and unless that ruling is issued we will continue to refrain from selling flavored rolling papers for use with tobacco and we will take every reasonable precaution to ensure that our flavored papers are not intended to be used or actually used with tobacco.

Therefore we are requesting that all smokers refrain from using Juicy Jay’s® papers with tobacco. Please do not purchase or use Juicy Jay’s® papers with tobacco. They are only to be used by adults with legal smoking herbs or blends (so long as that herb or blend is legal and contains no tobacco). Juicy Jay's takes the sale of our papers with *only* legal smoking herbs very seriously. If you encounter a store or retail outlet that you think might be selling Juicy Jay's Flavored Papers with tobacco or tobacco related products please report them anonymously here.

Thank you for your understanding and your continued support of Juicy Jay’s® papers. Keep on Rollin!

Juicy Jay’s® - Herbal Blends & papers


Juicy Jay’s® flavored rolling papers enhance
the natural flavors of your smoke.

Juicy Jay’s® rolling papers are fully flavored papers, not just at the gum strip like many other brands. These rolling papers are designed to enhance the natural flavors of your smoke. They are produced with the proprietary "triple-dipped" flavoring system, allowing the entire paper to safely be infused with delicious flavors such as Banana, Blackberry Brandy, Green Apple, Grape, Watermelon and so many more! Juicy Jay’s® rolling papers are sold for the use with legal herbal blends. Try some of these amazing flavored papers today, you will love them!


These papers are NOT for use with tobacco or tobacco based products.
One and a Quarter Rolling Papers are probably the most popular size paper for standard roll up cigarettes. One and A quarter Rolling Papers are also known as 125 rolling papers and 1 1/4 rolling papers. Try some of Juicy Jay’s® amazing flavors today.


These papers are NOT for use with tobacco or tobacco based products.
These premium rolling papers are super fine, printed with soy ink, and are some of the tastiest rolling papers you'll find around. Find your favorite flavor today!


These papers are NOT for use with tobacco or tobacco based products.
Juicy Jay’s® King Size flavored rolling papers gives you plenty of space to roll in some tasty legal herbal blend, and then have some of the best smokes in your life.


These papers are NOT for use with tobacco or tobacco based products.
Juicy Jay’s® Papers on a roll so you can roll any size legal herbal smoke you like! Rolls lets you measure out the exact desired length and make some smokes. Every Juicy Jay’s® roll comes with 15ft of flavored rolling paper.


These papers are NOT for use with tobacco or tobacco based products.
Juicy Jones Cones are the best tasting pre-rolled cones you can get, thanks to our triple dip flavouring system. A great way to roll up your favorite herbal smoke. 2 Cones in every pack with a re-usable wooden Dank 7 tip. A special rice/hemp blend the creates an easy smooth burn.


Flavornator is an alcohol based Herb additive that flavors your legal smoking herbs. Ingredients: Alcohol, flavor, water. Available in 16 of our amazing Juicy Jay’s® flavors!

Cigars & Wraps

Adjustable cigar made with 1 natural leaf
cigar wrap and 3 smooth leaf cigar wraps.

Juicy® Bluntarillos are a totally new concept and size of cigar. Each cigar can be smoked as-is but with the choice to adjust the burn rate and flavor of the cigar by removing or loosening the 4 wrappers! This allows you to fully control the burn and flavor rate. You could make the cigar burn faster, slower, stronger, softer with more flavor, less flavor and anything else in-between Smoking each one is like going on a trip to flavorland. In fact they taste so good that once you've smoked a Bluntarillo, nothing else will do.


Unwrap 1, 2, or even 3 of the wrappers to fine tune the cigar to your exact preference.


Fat mouth cigarillos were made for your customers that are looking for the absolute hands-down best ‘rillos. These cigarillos are the Shizzle! The cigar is made from one horizontal continuous sheet with a big fat mouth for a smooth, easy draw. They’re packed with 2 cigars in every sealed foil pack.


A resurgence in popularity of natural leaf wraps. We’ve re-launched the Naturals in a new WRAPMATIC™ format to make them easier than ever to use!


Need something bigger? Man, this thing is BIG. It’s pre-formed in a cone format, so it starts with a bang and ends with a mellow smaller burn.

E-cigarettes & Liquids

Join the Revolution!

Juicy® has a variety of vapours, e-cigarettes, e-liquids. Enjoy the pleasures of traditional smoking without the bad breath, stinky clothes, tremendous cost, and harmful effects of tobacco. Join the revoloution and embrace E-cigarettes & Liquids.


A revolutionary new Vapor Pen and eLiquid. Each kit comes with a battery USB charger zip-up case and stir stick.


Juicy® Disposable E Hookah Pen. Each Pen lasts up to 800 puffs and has a diamond light at the end. These are Nicotine Free and Tobacco Free.


Juicy® Mistifier Wax Pens. Intended for waxes, this little pen is rechargeable via included USB cable. Also find a wall adapter included so you can charge anywhere.The Juicy Mistifier pen has been designed to provide you with the best vaping experience possible. This terrific twosome is ready to vape all of your favorite waxes. Prepare to be MISTIFIED!


Juicy® Crazy 8 has 8 wicks so not a single drop of flavor is wasted. It comes with 2 clearomizers allowing you to change your flavors on a whim without cleaning your atomizer.


Juicy® E-shisha is an E-Liquid for vapour pens. It contains NO nicotine. Ingredients: PG, VG, Water, Flavor. Available in 12 of our amazing Juicy® flavors!


Juicy® E-Herbs is an E-Liquid for vapor pens that is made with our organic herbs and contains NO nicotine. Ingredients: PG, VG, Water, Herbs They come in a 12ml dropper bottle.


The Juicy Jays pipe is handmade from sustainable Brown Knotwood in the Pearl Valley of Fujian China. It is finished with a Baked Enamel which is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Juicy Splash

Flavoring splash and drops are perfect for adding
delicious flavors to your legal herbal smoking blends.

Certain herbal blends can be harsh to smoke; these flavoring splashes and drops will spruce up your smoke! The Juicy® splash and drops come in a varieties of flavors including Coconut, Mango, Blueberry and Maple-Syrup and many more.


Juicy® Splash is a flavored spray that will enhance the flavors and character of any filler you add it to. Perfect for the smoker who is looking for something different.

Herbs And Seeds

Grow your favorite herb at home.

Juicy® herbs and seeds have become very popular. Juicy herb seed packet allows you to grow your favorite herb at home. Varieties include Feverfew, Mad Dog Weed, Marshmallow Root, Passion Flower, Purple Spearmint and Wild Lettuce. Each packet contains 25 seeds. All Juicy Herbs are 100% NATURAL that means NO added chemicals or sprays.


All Natural. No Chemical Additives. This is not marijuana or a synthetic marijuana substitute.
All of Juicy® Herbs are contained in a perfectly portioned 7-gram pouch.


All Natural. No Chemical Additives. This is not marijuana or a synthetic marijuana substitute.
Take the Grow-Your-Own revolution to the next level. Each seed packet allows you toto grow your favorite herb at home.

incense Sticks

These Incense sticks are full of rich flavor and aroma, perfect for meditating with, or simply to create a pleasant room environment.

Juicy Jay Thai Incense Sticks guarantee to be one of the most aromatic and pleasurable scents you can experience. Made in Thailand due to it's rich Buddhist history, you can rest assured that the art of making incense has been perfected and encapsulated in these sticks.


Juicy® Thai Incense Sticks will have your mouth watering with their scrumptiously tempting scents. These incense sticks are perfect for freshening up a room and getting rid of unwanted scents. Currently available in a range of different scents. Each pack contains 20 sticks of incense.